Online Organizer

Dear Clients, 

Our goal is to make your tax filing season as efficient as possible.  We encourage you to use our Tax Organizer to help you gather the tax information needed to prepare your individual income tax return. Your organizer includes information from your prior year’s return to aid in completing your organizer. The organizer is web-based to allow you to fill in data, attach supporting documents, and send your information directly to us securely.


Below are some general instructions on how to access and complete your organizer:

  • When you are ready to access your organizer, please contact Nicole Harris at our office to retrieve your unique User ID and Password. She can be reached at (386) 752-4621 ext. 3103 or by email at
  • Once you have that information, use the link below to access your Tax Organizer: 

Please bookmark this page as you will use this link if you need to fill out your organizer in multiple sessions or go back to make any changes prior to submitting the organizer to us.  


  • After obtaining your User ID and Password, you will log in to the portal.  At the initial login, you will be prompted to send a pin to either your email address or your phone to verify your identity.  After you verify your identity, you will be prompted to change your password.  Contact our office if you later need to reset your password.  


  • You can log out at any time using the Person icon in the top right hand of the screen.


  • The Welcome page includes a 4-minute instructional video you may watch before beginning.  You can return to the Welcome page at any time during the process by clicking the Welcome tab at the top of the page.  In the top right (under the person icon) there are two options; you can either add a note to your preparer or you can click next (or previous) to move through the document. 


  • The last section of the organizer is the Review & Send tab.  Here you can review the documents you have attached, review and/or print your organizer, add any additional notes/comments, and send the organizer and supporting documents to your accountant.  We will be notified when you have finished and sent your information to us.    


  • If you prefer to print the organizer to fill in by hand, you can skip straight to the Review & Send tab on the top left menu bar and select option 2 ‘Review or print’.


  • Although we encourage our clients to use the web organizer, you are not required to do so.  We highly recommend that you send your documents to us using the web organizer or using our encrypted ShareFile portal rather than attaching sensitive documents directly to an email.  Sending documents through email with no form of secured protection puts your sensitive information (social security number, etc.) at unnecessary risk.  You may access our ShareFile portal from our website or by contacting our office. If you upload documents to our ShareFile portal, please send a notification email to our office to ensure receipt of your information. 


  • If you prefer to have your organizer mailed or emailed to you, please contact Nicole Harris with our office at (386) 752-4621 ext. 3103 or